WARNING to FIRST TIME VISITORS TO EUROPE: If you want an “If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium” type of visit to Europe, we will do it—-but only under a great deal of protest!

If you want a “taste” of Europe, we recommend a cruise–visiting seaports or a river cruise through the center of the continent. What a wonderful way to sample many cultures and plan to revisit your favorites on another journey.

By land, you have many options. First, decided how you want to go—DIY, small group, by car, by rail (Europe’s rail system is light years better than ours!), how many days, and your list of “I must see this place” pared down to a manageable amount. Then take some time—consult with *protected email*, *protected email* or *protected email* and together you’ll craft an amazing experience.

ATTENTION SAVVY EUROPHILES!!! Just like you, we have our favorite countries, cities, and ways to visit Europe. Judi is definitely our Francophile with Ken and Becky a close second! Becky is also partial to Great Britain and cruises in and around Europe. Michael opts for Ireland and Scotland (can you say “Golf?”), Spain, Portugal, and cruising the continent. Judi is the uber consultant for just about anywhere in Europe (could that be why Wendy Perrin at Conde Nast Traveler picked her as one of the top 18 consultants for anywhere in the world?).

And Italy, who doesn’t love Italy? Judi, Becky, and Michael might just fight over which of them could help you design the perfect European vacation! Call us today–some amazing values await!