Here’s our tip of the day: Get out of denial and float on Da Nile! Yes, there is so much to Egypt and a cruise on the Nile River is but a smalll part! It is, in our humble opinion, a wonderful way to immerse yourself in all things Egypt—ancient history, culture, art,and current lifestyle.

Although we didn’t get to Alexandria, our friends say it’s a must do stop to enjoy the gentle breeze of the Mediterranenan (we hear the Four Seasons is the “must stay” in Alexandria). Cairo is so vibrant and so very busy. We’ve sampled several hotels and have our definite favorites. Email *protected email* or *protected email* or call 800-546-8747 and we’ll let you know your best bets for Cairo.

Although Shakespeare claims a rose by any other name is still a rose, we suggest you choose wisely when selecting your riverboat for the Nile River Cruise! There are actually over 200 different choices for riverboats! Who knew! We selected the best and what a difference that can make.

Also, although many ships offer shore excursions in the price of their cruise, you don’t have the same guide each day. We opted to have a guide with us for our entire stay. An experienced Egyptologist, he was able to weave all the sights we saw into one ongoing and beautiful tapestry. This adds to the investment in this journey, and while it isn’t mandatory, we believe we had a better understanding of what we saw.

Please note: The Oberoi Mena House is scheduled to have its Pyramid View Rooms refreshed this year, so check with us to see whether you should opt in or avoid this national treasure.