Did you know you can dine on the Great Wall? Line dance at the Olympic Water Cube?

Okay, let’s get to the point—China is a must see, must experience AND go beyond the usual tourist stops!

Don’t get me wrong! Some tourist sights are amazing–such as the Great Wall. Did you know the Chinese called it the Long Wall? Here’s an important tip: Do NOT go to the easiest, closest access point to the wall while you’re in Beijing! Take about an hour’s drive through the countryside and walk the wall away from the maddening (and I do mean maddening) crowds! Here’s a photo of Michael and Barbara’s recent visit to the Great Wall. Notice that it is NOT crowded!

Yes, do Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. Yangtze River cruise? Depends on what you are expecting, the time you have to spend in China, and whether you’d rather take time to visit some more off-the-beaten path cities, towns, or perhaps hike or trek? We’ve done the Yangtze River cruise on what we feel was the finest vessel, thanks A&K! We have also experienced some cities that aren’t on the usual tourist’s itinerary by land. Remember, we can do the “usual tourist” thing but we’d so much rather help you have a life-changing experience such as trekking Yellow Mountain in Huangshan and witnessing the spiritual mist and fog that settles in, thanks Imperial Tours! So, the river cruise is not as in depth as visiting these gems by land, yet it still is a classic choice.

We treasure our relationship/friendship with Guy Rubin and Nancy Kim, Managing Directors of the renown Imperial Tours, and Gerald Hatherly, of A&K China. We’ve traveled with them and have found they have the insider info  and connections so needed in this intriguing country. Gerald managed to keep a museum open “after hours” for us because we were running late. Guy and Nancy introduced us to the pulsating art world in Beijing; we’ve dined with them on the Great Wall; line danced in the Water Cube, scaled a part of Yellow Mountain, lunched with a Tibetan monk on the grounds of the Dali Lama’s Summer Palace in Lhasas, and learned Tai Chi from a Daoist monk in Chengdu. Now, that’s service—the service Great Getaways and our partners are known for!

A short video highlighting the many sides of China! It is so much more than a destination–it’s an EXPERIENCE! Contact moc.y1606533555awate1606533555gtaer1606533555g@ara1606533555braB1606533555 to plan your journey!

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