For some Antarctica is a “trophy” destination—the 7th continent on the checklist of “Been there, done that…” Yet, Antarctica is so much MORE! It is a world of nature, of history, stunning scenery, and life experiences.

Travel to Antarctica via expedition ship staffed with knowledgeable specialists—naturalists, historians, marine biologists, and more. Marvel at the endless hours of daylight, the thousands of penguins, the occasional whale, the seals, and other flora and fauna. Enjoy your evenings aboard ship in a relaxed environment; share adventures with fellow passengers; learn more about photography; dine with some current day explorers and adventurers.

When you return home, you’ll have more than bragging rights—you’ll have one of the most amazing and unique life experiences our planet offers! Contact us today for more info—and ask us for photos of our recent expedition—we love to share them!