Riddle me this: What African country is approximately the size of the state of Texas, is bordered by 7 other countries, shares Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe, and is known for some of the finest game viewing on the continent? Okay, let’s not always see the same hands up, please! Yes, you’re right, we’re talking about Zambia.

Zambia is probably best known for Victoria Falls, the Smoke That Thunders. Discovered by David Livingstone when he was searching for the origin of the Nile River, Vic Falls has become one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. If you are going to visit southern Africa, seeing Victoria Falls is a MUST! Enjoy the perpetual rainbow, watch those fearless souls who bungy jump off the bridge that spans the falls connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe and enjoy some of the most enchanting sunsets on our planet.

Put Zambia on your list for terrific game viewing, too. Yes, you can enjoy a safari near Livingstone, home of Victoria Falls; however, we suggest you venture into one of the other Zambian National Parks, such as Kafue. Our favorite safari camp is Shumba, a Zambian word for “lion.” From Livingstone, you’ll take a short flight followed by an even briefer helicopter ride to this remote, luxurious camp. Known for its doting staff and animal sightings, Shumba has been known to convert the most fiery bird hater into an ardent birder. And the hippos—oh my! Call it a bloat, a herd, whatever, you’ll see bunches and bunches of hippos!

So, when you’re making your list of top safari destinations, be sure to put Zambia near the top of the list!