Have you ever felt that you’ve been somewhere before and yet you are in a new place? That describes our immediate connection with Africa! Barbara and Michael King, owners of Great Getaways, have been on safari several times and are always eager to go back!

One of our favorite places to travel is to Africa! Here's great info on how to get started.

Africa is a huge and diverse continent and we want to help you craft your PERFECT African experience! Are you looking for a classic safari? A tented safari? A luxury experience with your own private guide? A trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro combined with a safari? What type of camp suits you best? What animals do you wish to see? Which people would you like to meet? Have you considered a “Volunteer Vacation?”

If your vision of Africa resembles the old Tarzan movies, trash it! Africa is urban and edgy in the big cities and more like “Out of Africa” in the bush. Is this your first safari or are you looking for the more obscure and remote camps? And, yes, it matter in which order you visit the different camps—to maximize your experience! We also educate you on the best ways to transfer from camp to camp, which guides and spotters you’ll want.

Do you want to experience your first African Safari? Here is some info that you can learn about the next steps you need to take. Himba Tribe Woman Nabia Logo

One of the most asked questions we hear is, “When is the best time to go to Africa?” The short answer is “It depends.” What animals do you want to see? That will determine which country and what time of year is the best for viewing your “must see” list. We’ve prepared two guides to Africa, When to Go and What Animals You’ll See.  For a copy of both charts, email moc.y1606533553awate1606533553gtaer1606533553g@lea1606533553hcim1606533553 and ask for the FREE Africa charts today!

We know Africa and we LOVE Africa and we promise so will you!