We love Friday the 13th…in 2012!

Friday, July 13th, 2012,  Great Getaways Travel celebrates our 20th Anniversary of creating unique and memorable vacations! We feel we have the greatest careers. After all, how many people can tell you where to go AND you look forward to the trip?

Thank you for helping us grow and thrive, for collaborating with us to create magnificent and often life-changing journeys on all 7 continents and even into Space! Please save September 23, 2012 to join our 20th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser. We will auction vacations of all types (such as a Micato safari, an Azamara Club Cruise, a Classic Vacation to Hawaii, 4 nights at the St Regis Bora Bora and lots more) to raise money to support charities benefiting children: AmericaShareHalf the Sky; Newhouse; and Water.org.

Let us know where to send your invitation. How often do you get to go on vacation AND do something for the world’s children at the same time?