If you ask us to help you plan a cruise, we may have a few, okay several, questions for you such as: Where do you want to go? Have you cruised before? What do you like best about a cruise? What would you change for your next cruise?

Cruising is part of our DNA – it’s a way to sample some of the world’s best destinations and it’s also a destination by itself. It’s for families, couples, singles, groups, old, young and everything in between. Cruises are social, educational, invigorating, and yet relaxing. Yes, cruises can be whatever you want-the choice is that vast!

Do we know ships? There are family-friendly ships, large ships, small ships, luxury ships, river cruisers and barges, ships built for adventure and even floating residences. There are sailing yachts, charter yachts, tall ships, etc. You get the idea! We have years of experience both cruising and selling cruises and we have our list of faves and ones we’d suggest you plan without our input.

We can offer special value added amenities on over 400 cruises every year. So, before you say “Bon Voyage”, contact us for the cruise that fits you best.  Email us!