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I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!

Virgin Galactic’s successful rocket-powered test flight

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m not sure why adults ask kids this question. I do know I often had to provide an answer. My most frequent answer was “a teacher” with an occasional  “lawyer” or “interpreter” thrown in. Looking back on my life I fulfilled the prediction of becoming a teacher and enjoyed it immensely. From that beginning, my work career was a journey of twists and turns that led me to my true passion, the world of travel and helping others experience our world.

There’s still one experience I want to add to my CV, traveling into Space, and I’m hot on the trail of achieving this goal! Many of you know I represent Sir Richard Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic, and am an Accredited Space Agent. I can help you reserve a seat aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital Space flights, which Sir Richard predicts will begin in 2014. I’ve seen the mother ship and in 2009 I witnessed the unveiling of the spaceship in Mojave, California, along with 800 other guests from around the world. Last year Michael and I toured Spaceport America, a magnificent and Earth-friendly structure in New Mexico.

Wherever I go I ask people if they want to take a flight into Space and I tend to get varied reactions. Once, after being pulled over for speeding, I asked the police officer if he’d be interested in a space flight, he gave me a quizzical look and shined his flashlight into my car, probably thinking I might be drunk—why else would I ask something so “out of this world”?t

Originally, I applied to become an ASA (Accredited Space Agent—don’t you love when I talk Virgin Galactic-ese?) because my brother loves all things Space. Let me elaborate a bit. I asked the Director of Astronaut Relations what were the physical requirements of the passengers, the future astronauts. My brother lives with Parkinson’s Disease and I wanted to know if he could experience Space aboard Virgin Galactic. That conversation sparked my interest in learning more about VG and the more I learned, the more I wanted to be able to sell their space flights. So, when I had the opportunity to apply to become an ASA, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve proudly represented Virgin Galactic since 2007.

Why do I want to experience Space? I’ve read about and heard astronauts speak about a change that happens within them, a philosophical shift, a feeling of connectedness, of all of us on this planet being on “Spaceship Earth.” When Virgin Galactic’s ship is 67 miles above Earth and passengers can see that thin blue line that separates our planet’s atmosphere from Space, they will experience that moment, that “a-ha” of the necessity of us passengers aboard Spaceship Earth to work together to survive and thrive.

Watch this video and learn how experiencing Space changes people from within. Disclaimer: It may motivate you to reserve a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight:

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

How about this for an Out of This World Holiday gift?



Ready to see the world from a different perspective? Let me help you reserve a seat aboard a Virgin Galactic’s Suborbital Space flight! Talk about a gift that will be remembered!

Below is a video of the recent dedication ceremony at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Enjoy!


Space Bulletin: A New Dawn

Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space




Dancers Perform for the Crowd




Gov. Susana Martinez & Sir Richard Branson
on the balcony of the new building.




Buzz Aldrin & Sir Richard Branson


October 17th, 2011 saw passage of a major milestone in the fast-developing arena of commercial space operations. Fledgling space line Virgin Galactic held a dedication ceremony for their newly completed Terminal Hangar Facility.

As the anchor tenants at Spaceport America, the company worked closely with the New Mexico Spaceport Authority to design and build a truly unique structure for their new base of operations. The LEED Gold certified building was designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners, who went to great lengths to ensure the structure blended in to its natural surroundings while still evoking the new space age. Those attending the event agreed these objectives have been achieved.

Hundreds of Virgin Galactic customers, dignitaries and international media gathered at the gleaming new facility to witness another historic stop along the road to commercial space tourism. The group was welcomed by Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson. During his remarks he spoke about the imperative behind the cause and the need to be pioneers at the dawn of a new phase in human achievement. The customers in attendance were acknowledged for their crucial role in paving the way for a future of affordable space tourism and transport.

During the ceremony, it was announced that new flight reservations have been made by research and education institutions to support research initiatives and inspire students. Purdue University, Space Florida, The Challenger Center for Space Education and Southwest Research Institute were recognized as the most recent participants in this new growth area for Virgin Galactic.

During the ceremonies, Richard Branson invited the group to enjoy a performance by two very special guests at which point WhiteKnightTwo carrying SpaceShipTwo taxied out to take off from Spaceport America for a stunning flight demonstration. To conclude the events of the day and as part of the ceremony to formally name the new building ‘Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space’, Richard and his children Holly and Sam, who will be the first commercial passengers on SpaceShipTwo rappelled together from the balcony of the striking new building, bringing the event to a spectacular conclusion.

To find out more about Virgin Galactic and how you can become a part of history, contact your Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agent…

Barbara King
(913) 338-2244 or levar1603193936t.sya1603193936wateg1603193936taerg1603193936@arab1603193936rab1603193936

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Space tourism travel comes closer to fruition


This morning’s USA TODAY featured an excellent article about Space travel. Of course, the article featured several mentions of and quotes by Virgin Galactic. Have you reserved a seat yet? Now is your opportunity to become one of the firs 1000 people to venture into Space! Contact Barbara King today, one of Virgin Galactic’s Accredited Space Agent, and share in the pre-flight events. Your journey really begins when you make a reservation! Call 913 338 2244 or email levar1603193936t.sya1603193936wateg1603193936taerg1603193936@arab1603193936rab1603193936.

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For the first time ever: a Video Tour the INSIDE Spaceship 2!

Virgin_galactics_spaceshiptwo_ Accredited_space_agent_barbara Vss_enterprise
For the first time ever, Virgin Galactic allowed a journalist inside the VSS Enterprise. While she isn’t yet decked out with her plush interior decor, this story, the beginning of a series about Virgin Galactic, is well worth the read!
How cool to be on safari awaiting a flight aboard a small plane to a camp in South Africa and blogging about Space flight!

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