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Barbara King sells a space flight — eat your heart out, Ashton Kutcher!

You may have heard that Hollywood star, Ashton Kutcher, signed up as Virgin Galactic’s 500th Future Astronaut! I’m not sure which Accredited Space Agent made that sale (there are only 125 ASAs in the whole world!). I do know that for some obscure reason Ashton didn’t call me to assist him in this “once in a lifetime journey.”  Well, hold on to your hats, Hollywood, because the Midwest is coming on strong! On March 27 I sold a suborbital Space flight aboard Virgin Galactic to a Kansas Citian!

The moral of this story: there is life between the East and West Coast and in my Rodney Dangerfield attitude of we get NO respect, Kansas and Missouri are NOT flyover states! We’ve got Dorothy, Toto, the Wiz, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, great jazz,  the world’s best barbecue—and one of the world’s most respected vacation planning companies, Great Getaways Travel.

My name is Barbara King and I approved this message…

How about this for an out of this world Valentine?


I just watched this video highlighting Virgin Galactic’s recent test flights. Even knowing about success after success in these flights, I found myself in awe! Consider this the ultimate valentine! You might even see Cupid!

Fly me to the moon…


That song is getting closer to reality! While many of you know that I represent Virgin Galactic, this may be “NEWS” to some of you. Yesterday the New York Times ran an article about the burgeoning industry of consumer space flight, featuring Virgin Galactic, . I’ve given two media interviews thanks to that article and that spurred this blog post. Maybe I could remind people that I sell flights into space as well as flight within the world’s atmosphere! 

In 2009 I attended the gala unveiling of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship, the VSS Enterprise. 850 people from around the world gathered in Mojave, California to be part of that historic moment, the beginning of a new frontier of the consumer travel industry. As the mother ship, with the spaceship securely attached, rolled into the viewing area, I remember the whole crowd became silent, in anticipation and awe. When Governors Schwarzenagger and Richardson joined Sir Richard Branson in christening the ship, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized I was experiencing a significant milestone in history. Years from now, when my toddler-aged grandsons are older and space travel more commonplace, I hope the boys will brag, “My grandma was at the christening of the first consumer spaceship!” Then again, by that time, rather than the exception, people traveling in Space will be the norm and its beginning might be a long-ago faded memory. How cool would that be? Either way, Virgin Galactic gave me an incredible life experience. Now, if I sell 10 flights, I’ll be eliglble to fly aboard Virgin Galactic! Ready to be part of my group of 10? 

What are your thoughts about Space flight? 

How about this for an Out of This World Holiday gift?



Ready to see the world from a different perspective? Let me help you reserve a seat aboard a Virgin Galactic’s Suborbital Space flight! Talk about a gift that will be remembered!

Below is a video of the recent dedication ceremony at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Enjoy!


Space Bulletin: A New Dawn

Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space




Dancers Perform for the Crowd




Gov. Susana Martinez & Sir Richard Branson
on the balcony of the new building.




Buzz Aldrin & Sir Richard Branson


October 17th, 2011 saw passage of a major milestone in the fast-developing arena of commercial space operations. Fledgling space line Virgin Galactic held a dedication ceremony for their newly completed Terminal Hangar Facility.

As the anchor tenants at Spaceport America, the company worked closely with the New Mexico Spaceport Authority to design and build a truly unique structure for their new base of operations. The LEED Gold certified building was designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners, who went to great lengths to ensure the structure blended in to its natural surroundings while still evoking the new space age. Those attending the event agreed these objectives have been achieved.

Hundreds of Virgin Galactic customers, dignitaries and international media gathered at the gleaming new facility to witness another historic stop along the road to commercial space tourism. The group was welcomed by Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson. During his remarks he spoke about the imperative behind the cause and the need to be pioneers at the dawn of a new phase in human achievement. The customers in attendance were acknowledged for their crucial role in paving the way for a future of affordable space tourism and transport.

During the ceremony, it was announced that new flight reservations have been made by research and education institutions to support research initiatives and inspire students. Purdue University, Space Florida, The Challenger Center for Space Education and Southwest Research Institute were recognized as the most recent participants in this new growth area for Virgin Galactic.

During the ceremonies, Richard Branson invited the group to enjoy a performance by two very special guests at which point WhiteKnightTwo carrying SpaceShipTwo taxied out to take off from Spaceport America for a stunning flight demonstration. To conclude the events of the day and as part of the ceremony to formally name the new building ‘Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space’, Richard and his children Holly and Sam, who will be the first commercial passengers on SpaceShipTwo rappelled together from the balcony of the striking new building, bringing the event to a spectacular conclusion.

To find out more about Virgin Galactic and how you can become a part of history, contact your Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agent…

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