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Love from Lhasa!









Call it Tibet or be politically correct and call it China, I loved my visit to Lhasa. I was looking at some of our photos of our travels and realized I hadn’t talked about Lhasa in a long time.

Lhasa is over 11,000 feet above sea level, so get some altitude sickness medicine and begin taking it a couple of days before you arrive. In many ways I felt Lhasa was frozen in time a la Lost Horizon, a true Shangri-La, steeped in bright colors, lots of incense, interesting architecture, and charming clothing. Food is not why you go to Lhasa – lots of yak dishes and lots of yak butter. It’s all about the experience – the palpable spirituality.

We picnicked outside a monastery; visited monks learning to debate and participated in meditation with the monks;  we visited sacred shrines and palaces, and lunched outside Norbulingka, once the Dalai Lama’s summer residence, with a monk who, through an interpreter, answered our questions about his life. Enough words – time for some pictures! Enjoy!

Email me, Barbara, for more memories of Lhasa or info on the logistics of visiting this exotic destination.

21 Romantic Getaways


I know, I know, I know—that oh so romantic and oh so commericial holiday of red hearts (aka Valentine’s Day) has passed. That’s fine by me because I believe romance is a 24/7/365 activity. Romance is in songs, words, photos, flowers, sunsets, starry nights, nature, and, of course, travel. Almost any type of travel is romantic. Google defines romance as “a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life” and that is a key ingredient of any vacation, isn’t it?

So, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any DAY, why not indulge in a little romance?

Enjoy this video of 21 places chosen by us, the travel designers at Great Getaways Travel. What’s your favorite romantic destination?

Vacation photos are so worth it!

2012-11-28 00.57.00


Vacation photos really crystallize those wonderful memories. A few days ago while doing some Great GetawayS graphic design, I searched for a vacation photo to go with the text I had written. I wanted to add a vacation photo from one of our journeys, an image that conveyed both darkness and light. What a wonderful experience I had!

I began with the most recent vacation we had taken and worked my way back through the years. I’d find a photo – a sunset while have cocktails in the bush in Kenya, an early morning shot from the balcony of Esprit St. Germain in Paris, a group of people praying in Lhasa, a mountain gorilla feeding her baby in Rwanda-and think, “That’s the perfect photo!” Then I’d keep searching, just to be sure I had the very best choice. Finally, I picked a photo taken by Michael on a trip to New Zealand (the photo below).



This art project became so much more—-I enjoyed a pleasant few minutes of time travel, of recalling those experiences I keep wrapped as memories in my heart, of enjoying each journey again and again. The moral of this story: Take lots of photos of your travels and of you enjoying your vacation. It is so worth it! Even when you want to scream, “I don’t want another photo of me”, put a smile on your face and say, “Cheese!” You will be so glad you did!

Lots to see in Lhasa!

In September 2011 we had the opportunity to join Guy Rubin, Managing Partner of the award-winning Imperial Tours, on a visit to Lhasa, Tibet. Our home for 3 nights in Lhasa, St. Regis Lhasa, now ranks as one of our favorite hotels in the world! Did we love it? Lhasa-Apsolutely!

Lhasa Apso-lutely a must visit!


Must see TV has nothing on Lhasa! Go, visit, experience, absorb, feast, feel the spirituality! Watch our slides of our recent journey to Lhasa and give Michael and Barbara a call to find out the details of our experience, hosted by Imperial Tours. You will call us, right? 800 546 TRIP (8747)!