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Whoop! Whoop! Virgin Galactic does it AGAIN!

Here’s the video of Virgin Galactic’s 2nd successful rocket powered test flight! Watch! Sigh! Repeat!

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What I learned from Wiley Post…who???

Wiley Post

I became interested in a guy recently—not romantically, of course! I am hopelessly in love with Michael, my husband! Anyway, I read about the guy and discovered I perhaps made an unwise choice to admire him. Here’s a synopsis of what I learned about him: he was an indfferent student who left school after the 7th grade; he was paroled from a reformatory after serving 14 months of a 10 year sentence for car jacking; he was unable to raise money for his business, a flight school, because of his rural background and limited education.

Who is the guy?  Doesn’t he sound like a loser? As the stereotypical Jewish mom would ask, “So, where did he go to school? Is he a doctor? A lawyer? Jewish? Well, Mom, the answer to the above questions is none of the above. Imagine if I had accidentally mentioned he was an ex-con!

The guy is Wiley Post. ( . In 1931 Post set a record of being the first person to fly a fixed-wing plane around the world in 8 days and 15 hours and 51 minutes. I saw how long it took him and was startled until I realized his flight occurred only 82 years ago! Wow! How quickly we forget how far we’ve come in less than a 100 years! I bet Willard Scott has wished a happy 100th birthday to several people who could vividly recall life before consumer air travel! All the exclamation points I’m using indicate how amazed I am at the speed of inventions, of technology, of the changes that have occurred since the introduction of the computer, the Internet, social media, and mobile phones that have more information stored in them than the computers used to send men into space!

VG test flight

Speaking of Space, you may recall that I am an Accredited Space Agent, able to help you reserve a seat aboard Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital space flights (How could you forget? I feel like I’m constantly talking about it J ). Today I was on a conference call with other ASAs (don’t you love my space-talk acronyms?) and we were briefed on the progress of the test flights, the finish details of Spaceport America, located in New Mexico, and the special event in September that will be held for the future astronauts (over 615 people have reserved flights on Virgin Galactic’s spaceship, including one of my clients). People have asked me when the flight tests will end and the consumer space flights begin. I feel like if I give an exact date, some of the doubters would find me more credible. Yet, today I had the opportunity to experience the reverse skepticism—it took Wiley Post how long to fly around the world?

I hear the talking heads on TV preface a date in the first 10 years of this millennium with the preface of “back in 2010” or “back when Pinterest first started”. Many people don’t even know what Pinterest is! How about those prehistoric days in 2007 when American Idol first premiered? Maybe this blog post makes me sound like a grumpy old lady (definitely not grumpyJ) and yet I am thrilled to be part of the next frontier in consumer travel, flights into Space. So, doubters of technology like 3-D printers, Google Glass, or Virgin Galactic, remember, the Wright Brothers and Wiley post had their skeptics, too. Now, we can’t imagine life without airplanes.

Life really does move a warp speed, doesn’t it?

Virgin Galactic sets date for first blast off!

Virgin Galactic made big news today from Farnborough Air Show outside London. With his mother and his daughter in the audience, Sir Richard Branson shared some exciting developments at Virgin Galactic. Read about it here and watch the newest video released by Virgin Galactic. This is your opportunity to meet some of the VG Team, up close and personal. I’ve met several of them and look forward to spending 3 days with them in October at Spaceport America in New Mexico.


How about this for an out of this world Valentine?


I just watched this video highlighting Virgin Galactic’s recent test flights. Even knowing about success after success in these flights, I found myself in awe! Consider this the ultimate valentine! You might even see Cupid!

Your Journey Into Space Starts Here!

I have been honored to represent Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic since December, 2006, and have witnessed several of the moments shared in this just-released video. Memories of the unveiling of Spaceship2, the VSS Enterprise, in December, 2009 will remain joyfully in my soul forever. We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of travel and commerce. Enjoy the video and contact me to reserve your seat aboard Virgin Galactic. moc.y1591149987awate1591149987gtaer1591149987g@ara1591149987brab1591149987,, 800-546-8747

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