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No Tacky Travelers – ever, ever, ever!

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Growing up I heard about the “ugly American” traveler. I not only heard about them, I saw them, and, unfortunately have traveled with a few of these folks. They are easy to spot — the one with multiple cameras around his neck, wearing bright colored plaid shorts, and blocking the entrance to the historic site you want to see so he can take one more picture. Oh, and she’s miffed, too, because she was refused entrance into the cathedral, mosque, or temple because she was wearing a tube top and shorts. They’re the people speaking very loudly and slowly in English because they’re quite sure the locals will then suddenly know how to reply in the visitor’s native language. Geez!

Most of us are great brand ambassadors for the USA and then there are those few beacons of poor judgment that make me want to groan and hide….like the bare-chested, pot-bellied young men chugging beers I encountered touring Ephesus and cheering as if at a football game. OY!


Thanks to books, videos and this newfangled thing called the Internet, we can learn how to behave in public anywhere in the world. Who knew?

Become a more savvy vacationer and know before you go the customs of the country you’re visiting and consider offering tips for service well-provided. One of the most common things US travelers forget when traveling outside the United States is the habit of tipping. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Saying thank you financially is a worldwide phenomenon. One last time, all together now, “WHO KNEW?”

Below is a chart by country that gives you these need-to-know pearls of wisdom.  Remember, we are the visitors in someone else’s country. Let’s show some respect, please.

Meet our friend and Virtuoso CEO, Matthew Upchurch!

You have an asset the can never be replaced—your discretionary time. How you use those precious moments is up to you and we all want to use them wisely. So, vacation time approaches. How can you insure you’re maximizing your valuable time and money when planning this trip? I suggest you collaborate with us, of course! Rather than read my thoughts, watch this video interview with our dear friend and Chairman of the Board and CEO of Virtuoso, Matthew Upchurch. As you know, we’ve been proud members of Virtuoso since 1996 and the benefits of our membership are yours-such as an automatic upgrade at a hotel, a customized shore excursion, or having friends of Great Getaways all over the world.
So, enough from me. Let Matthew share our vision:

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Did I get your attention? I hope so because this is one of my favorite surveys. Here’s your opportunity to create your “Life List” of must experience destinations, a time where you are encouraged and, if you win the drawing, be rewarded for sharing your dreams. When you complete the survey you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win the grand prize, a luxury Crystal cruise for or one of 5 cash prizes of $1000 each.*

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*Must be a U.S. resident to be eligible to win. For complete details, see Official Sweepstakes Rules. If outside of the U.S., sweepstakes does not apply. Non-U.S. residents are invited to take the survey here. We respect your privacy, and guard your personal information in strict accordance with the Virtuoso Consumer Promotions Privacy Policy.

May your holidays be filled with everyday miracles!

Thank you for your support of Great Getaways Travel in 2013. May 2014 be filled with delightful memories you can tuck into your hearts!

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Warmest holiday greetings from Great Getaways Travel (video)

Guess where I’m headed to?

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Shopping’s never been more fun!

I’m excited to tell you that soon I’ll be heading to Virtuoso Travel Week, the world’s largest luxury travel show, held each August in Las Vegas. At this event, I’ll be meeting face-to-face with the top active and adventure travel providers, so that I can custom design your next fabulous journey.

Do you have a particular adventure you want me to seek out for you? Perhaps you’re thinking of an African safari? Maybe you’re dreaming of experiencing the thrill of a top sporting event? Or how about snorkeling with beluga whales in the arctic? This is the perfect time for me to ‘shop’ for your next vacation, so give me a call and let’s discuss your travel interests.

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