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Great, Greater, Greatest!

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After 25 years of owning a brick-and-mortar travel company, Great Getaways Travel has decided to work remotely and become a “virtual” travel company, joining the 21st century finally! We are still a thriving company and are here to help you with your travels. Our phone number remains 913-338-2244 and we look forward to talking to you.

One of our favorite sayings is “Don’t let the good get in the way of the better and don’t let better get in the way of best.” We practice that philosophy in everything we do personally and professionally.

Because our objective is to create the most memorable vacations possible for you, we’ve decided to affiliate with Largay Travel, in Waterbury, Connecticut. It’s great, greater, and greatest news!

GREAT: We now have even more support and resources.

GREATER: Largay will handle all the pesky back office details freeing us to devote 100% of our time to planning your travel.

GREATEST: By affiliating with Largay Travel we are able to give you increased benefits when you travel, as we now have preferred status with several hotels, cruise lines, and tour companies.

PRICELESS: We are still very active and proud to be part of Virtuoso — you’ve experienced the benefits of that association.

So, where do you want to go in 2017? Give us a call, 913-338-2244, and start packing!


No words … heartfelt prayers

#Pray for Nice

Boundaries divide – Travel unites

When I meet someone, whether from another city or another country, I have the opportunity to be a citizen ambassador. Interacting with another human being, looking into each other’s eyes has a lasting effect and perhaps it will counter anything negative that they might have heard about me, about my country. Traveling is a privilege to share who I am and to gain more insight into others. I believe with all my heart this helps foster peace.

We pray for Nice and for the world. Spread love. Help others. Live in peace.

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Finally – A leaf-peeping article that is excellent!

It’s that time of year, the time when the world of nature turns orange, red, yellow and brown in our part of the world. It’s like Mother Nature strolled through the country dotting and dabbing splashes of unbelievably colorful beauty wherever she wanted. I love this time of year (although not as much as spring) because I am reminded how magical life. This time of year is also when I am inundated with articles both online and on dead trees, a/k/a paper, about where to catch the best views of fall foliage. I have come to loathe these articles, yes, loathe. Most of them are a waste of time, written to fill space and accompanied by stock photos. Local magazines seem to predictably feature such articles and I suppose there must be reader demand or they’d find something more original to feature in their October issue.

Just this morning when chatting with Robin Atkins, Publisher of KC Magazine, KC Business, and Good Health KC, I went on a tirade about boring fall foliage articles (and many regional magazines’ travel articles that are space fillers for ad sales, IMHO). Well, the gods of journalism have a great sense of humor because moments after Robin left our office, I opened an email from Huffington Post Travel, which has an outstanding article about fall foliage. I’d go into greater detail but it is hard to type with all the bird feathers cluttering my keyboard because I am definitely eating crow.

Here, read the article yourself and I will give you a hint: you’ll need a valid passport to see this fantastic sight!

Happy Fall, my friends (drats, a feather got stuck on my sp a ce b ar).



Here’s a way to view fall foliage that is of galactic proportions:


Which country does the most good for the world?

I love TED Talks, talks no longer than 18 minutes in which the speaker shares ideas, designs and concepts that will help make our world better, encourage us to think and to work together, and to inspire. TED originally stood for Technology, Education, and Design. Today it stands for bite-sized nuggets of gold, of out-of-the-box thoughts, or simple common sense explained in an uncommon way.

So, putting aside national pride, do you know which country does the most good for the world? The answer may surprise you. Also, I encourage you to visit www.goodcountry.org to learn more about the project. Enjoy the TED Talk.