It’s serious business when we help someone plan a vacation, a cherished life experience whether it’s a honeymoon, anniversary, family reunion, or an opportunity to explore a new part of the world and client satisfaction is paramount to us at Great Getaways.

We work hard to refine and tweak the details so that your trip is an adventure beyond your expectations and is part of our guarantee to you.
So we’re thrilled when we get heartfelt testimonials from our valued clients and it reinforces that indeed, our personal involvement in planning our clients’ trips pays off in satisfaction. That is priceless.

If you have comments you’d like to share on your experience in working with Great Getaways or your personal travel consultant, please email us your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

Michael King

“Hi Michael, Now on top of everything else that you do so very well you have added TV personality. I saw you on KC Live and you were great! Loved the photos that you shared …. especially the one of the zebras. We are still in disbelief how spectacular, perfect, fun, unbelievable our trip was …. truly a trip of a lifetime and beats all other trips we have taken! We don’t know how you could top it but we will most definitely give you a chance to try. We have passed your name on to several people and hope that you hear from them.”
— Debbie and Curt Oldroyd July, 2015
“I have traveled all over the world, on many group and private tours, and this was the grandest. It was my first time to sub-Saharan Africa, and on safari. The entire experience was planned with great care and attention to details; the season, the accommodations, the variety of camps, the transportation and the breadth of experiences. We were in Botswana and Kenya at the best times for game viewing and boy, did we ever view game. We saw everything in the kind of detail we had wished. I have some limits to my mobility and I was able, with enthusiastic help and patience from everyone, to participate in and enjoy every aspect of our trip. The guides were very knowledgeable and proved very willing to go into the detail we wanted. We were able photograph and bird to our content as well as viewing the dennings, the crossings, the kills, and even a takedown. Michael King made all this possible. We got invaluable advice and support. He is not only a great agent, he is fun.”

—Una Creditor, October, 2014

“[Saved us $4000 on a hotel booking]People are funny thinking they can save themselves your $100 fee but miss out on the big picture.”

—Kevin Fox, Leawood, KS February, 2015

“Michael combines the art of designing the overall vacation itinerary with the skill of managing the discrete travel details, thereby ensuring a wonderfully “Great Getaway.” His personal site visits and evaluations of venues in advance of the trip help assure that everything is up-to-par, and enable him to provide accurate pre-trip communication. For our recent trip to southern Africa, the sequence of locations, the variety of experiences, and the pacing of events were perfect for our group. Michael understands his customers.”

—John Streit, Illinois, November, 2014