Classic Vacations

You’re planning your vacation and realize there are a lot of moving pieces to a wonderful and seamless experience. One of the many benefits of working with Great Getaways is we’re pros at this. We often help with details you haven’t even considered. (In this election year I feel I need to add, “This is Great Getaways Travel and we approve this ad). Seriously, we understand what it takes to change a vacation into an unforgettable experience and we love working with Classic Vacations!

You probably know that when you combine your airfare, hotel, car rental, sightseeing and activities in one bundle, one package, you often save money and time, right? There are several companies that can help us do that and there is one in particular we adore, Classic Vacations. Reliability? Check. Value? Check! 24/7 customer service? Check. Many luxury hotels and resorts? Check. Wide choice of where to vacation? Check and check and check!

We fell in love with Classic Vacations back in 1995 and our we’ve never looked back. Originally Classic focused on resort vacations – you know, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Then they realized they could use their buying power (read that as VALUE to you) and their planning skills all over the globe. Now you can enjoy your Classic Vacation in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Costa Rice, Dubai, Europe, Fiji, Hawaii, the Maldives, and the South Pacific (Bora Bora, anyone?).

A company is only as good as the people who work there and Classic Vacations has some of the finest and most professional employees in the travel industry. A tip of the hat to David, Dave, James, and Patti! Thank you for being such wonderful partners!

What’s your pleasure – skiing in Whistler? Beaching it on Anguilla? Throwing a shrimp on the barbee in Australia? Exploring Dubai? Having tea and scones in London? These and many other options are the kinds of trips we create in partnership with Classic Vacations.