When we were kids we’d learn facts through rhyme such as in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Here’s a fact about river cruising (without the rhyme) – In 1992, the Main-Danube Canal opened, connecting Europe through its rivers.  Since towns formed next to rivers, we have a wonderful way to experience the heart of a region.

Before the advent of the canal system, most people who visited Europe, Asia, and Africa did so by land. Maybe you flew into Paris, drove to Normandy, and then went to Holland to visit Amsterdam. Perhaps you longed to see the castles of Germany and drove through the rich, green countryside stopping at some of the more famous castles.

Today we do vacations differently. You want to immerse yourself in local culture, sample a baguette fresh from the patisserie’s oven, or perhaps stroll through cobblestone streets and visit with those who call this charming destination home.

Enter the river cruise, the world’s fastest growing way to travel. Leaders in river cruises in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa, AmaWaterways offers you the opportunity to explore a destination unspoiled by commercial tourism, and hop back on the ship for some fine dining. Foodies take note AmaWaterways is the only river cruise line to be inducted into La Chaine des Rotisseurs, one of the most prestigious culinary groups with chapters around the world.

You get the best of all worlds when you step aboard an AmaWaterways vessel. The hotel director welcomes you and you are taken to your stateroom. After unpacking, make your way to the lounge and enjoy a cocktail as the ship begins to wind its way along the river. Enjoy the variety of tasty dishes prepared for your dinner, then consider your options for tomorrow’s visit to a charming town. Choose one of the tours offered by AmaWaterways, all of which are included at no additional charge, or maybe you’ll want to wander on your own stopping for a cappuccino, a fine German beer, or a cup of a rare Burmese tea.

In the spring, consider a popular cruise through the fields of tulips in Holland and in early winter enjoy the famous Christmas markets of Austria and Germany. Along the Mekong River, you may opt to visit a Buddhist temple, sample the goods at a floating market, or if you pick Africa you’ll enjoy seeing wildlife up close and personal.

By the way, AmaWaterways offers bicycles on many of their river cruises so you can opt to take a scenic ride around town or join a guide to pedal your way to the next stop along the river. So, if you want to enjoy both the journey and the destination, choose AmaWaterways. For more information, email levar1561624221t.sya1561624221wateg1561624221taerg1561624221@ofni1561624221