Life experience travel. Those three words simply describe what we at Great Getaways deliver every day.

Superlative adventures that allow you to revel in the destination: dig your feet deep in the sand of an exotic tropical isle, feel the rumble of a parade of majestic elephants on a sun-speckled African plain, delight in visiting ancient South American ruins, glamorous European cities, or famed museums from New York to St. Petersburg, sink into the sheer tranquility of a five-star hotel in the midst of a bustling Asian city, practice your short game at St. Andrews, board a sub-orbital spacecraft for an unsurpassed journey far above the Earth , or enjoy the priceless camaraderie of a family reunion cruising the high seas.

The choices are limitless, exhilarating, and fascinating.

Let’s face it: Cookie-cutter vacations are great if you’re a cookie cutter.

We work for you — not for hotels, cruise lines, or airlines. Our goal is to draw on our experience and the strength of the Virtuoso network when crafting your vacation to make the end product a vacation that creates memories you can tuck in your heart.

At Great Getaways, we design honest-to-goodness dream vacations. And because our clients around the world have trusted us with spinning their travel fantasies into reality for over 22  years, we take great care in doing what we do best: collaborating with your desires, and taking them to the highest level of perfection.

As Kansas City’s original member of the exclusive Virtuoso travel network — North America’s most respected– Great Getaways is in the top 1% of travel companies. Our Virtuoso affiliation means we have worldwide connections and product, lifestyle, and destination expertise to benefit you. We consistently offer increased value over other travel companies and unparalleled choices customized for your adventure that you won’t find anywhere else.

We founded Great Getaways with the sole purpose of providing the ultimate in fantastic travel opportunities to our clients who travel for the well-lived life. Michael and I invite you to be a part of our personal dream by exploring the countless experiences and enchantments this world has to offer.

All aboard!

Barbara and Michael King